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CRM Setup & Management Service

Take charge of your customer data, sales funnel and marketing with a CRM system

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it’s a tool designed to help you manage all of the data associated with your business. It’s a place to manage all of your leads, contacts and it can help you visualise your pipeline giving you the headspace to see where your business is going and help you meet your objectives.

Our CRM Services

Setup & Configuration

Getting your CRM setup correctly is the deciding factor between a useful piece of software and a hassle. We can setup any CRM to work with your systems exactly how you need them to.

Website Integration

Our development team can connect your website with your CRM to ensure you never miss a lead again and ensure the most accurate data is collected.

On-going Support

Once you’re up and running with your new CRM our team can continue to support you to ensure you get the full benefit for your business.

What is CRM integration?

CRM integration is the connection between your customer relationship management (CRM) software and applications you use. This is what make a CRM so powerful, with the right integrations your entire marketing and data management suite can become connected saving you time, bringing you impactful insights and helping you grow your business.

How do CRM systems help businesses grow?

There comes a point where you look around and see data split across five different spreadsheets, three associates are trying to manage your clients and nobody has visibility on projects or sales.

This confusion and disorganisation can cause delays and confusion within your team and prevent your business from reaching its full potential.

A CRM provides a space to manage all the data of your business in a simple way to allow you to make smarter decisions. Implementing a management system like a CRM can be the difference between staying as a small business and moving on to the next level.

Why should I care about my data?

A big data challenge is coming for businesses of all sizes across the UK. Online platforms are moving to a more privacy focused data collection model which means that you will potentially see less about your customers than you’re used to. With the arrival of requirements like Consent Mode v2, it’s no longer a given that you’ll be given a complete user profile to help you with your marketing.

A CRM can help address this gap by collecting information about your customers, helping you see the bigger picture and make the most of the customer data you do have. If you aren’t using a CRM to collect and analyse your user data, you’re missing out and leaving valuable insights on the table.

Which CRM is right for my business?

Like any piece of software, there are many CRMs that have different features and focuses.

The right CRM for you depends on what you’re looking to get out of the software.

Some CRM systems are designed to help manage sales pipelines, others are designed to produce detailed revenue reports and some have been created to power intelligent email campaigns to increase your sales.

How we connect your business to a CRM

Our team will work with you to find the right CRM for your business and needs, that will not only be a powerful resource for your team but works with your budget. We’ll then advise on all of the connections and integrations needed to make the platform work with your workflows. Whether that’s through the creation of a custom API or using a platform such as Zapier to move data between systems.

What our clients say...

Why use a CRM system?

When you start using a CRM you can expect:

Improved Efficiency

Think of a CRM system like a super-organised filing cabinet for all your business information. Instead of searching through messy spreadsheets, everything you need is in one place. This saves time and makes it less likely for mistakes to happen.

Data Accuracy

A CRM system helps keep your information up-to-date and correct. When everyone uses the same system to enter and update data, you avoid having old or wrong information. This means all of your decisions are made on correct data rather than hunches and best guesses.

Better Customer Experience

Customers like it when you know them well. It’s been shown time and again that good customer service is what helps a business stand out and succeed. With a CRM, you can see everything about a customer in one spot. This helps you give them what they need faster, like good support, knowledge of their preferences and a smooth service. When customers are happy, they keep coming back.

More Sales

A CRM system is great for selling more. You can see who might buy from you with data insights such as demographics, buying journeys and popular products. This information can help you tailor your sales message so you send the right message at the right time.

Smarter Marketing

Marketing works better with a CRM. You can group customers based on what they like, so your messages are more personalised. Also, you can see how well your marketing works and change it if needed or run tests based on customer demographics. This helps your business grow faster and see greater return from your marketing spend.

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How Purple Orbit can help.

If you’re not sure which CRM is right for you, we can go through your options to help craft the perfect data management solution for your business.

We have experience recommending, integrating and training business on how to use a CRM effectively. We are experts in well known CRM systems such as: Hubspot, Zoho, PipeDrive, GoldMine, FLG and some more custom CRMs for specific sectors.

Wherever you are on your CRM journey we’re here to help you grow and make the most of your data.

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