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Powering Loanable with CRM

Loanable wanted to power their business with 2 CRM systems. We created 2 APIs & set up these CRMs to help Loanable control of their data & increase conversions.



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The Challenge

Loanable is a dedicated and experienced team of Secured Loan advisors based in the North West of England. Their team helps homeowners from across the UK to secure loans from the nation’s top lenders.

Loanables objectives for this project were to securely submit lead data from the website to two different CRM systems, each with their own unique requirements and considerations.

The CRM system for Loanable sits at the very heart of the business and allows for new leads to be handled quickly and ensure a great customer experience.

Another challenge for Loanable was to obtain marketing data to allow their internal marketing team to evaluate where marketing spend was getting the best results.

What CRM?

The Loanable agents use two separate CRM systems depending on the stage the customer is for obtaining a new secured loan. When a lead form is submitted, the potential customer data is securely submitted to both systems.

The first of the CRM’s used by Loanable is FLG, a CRM designed for SMEs to manage their leads and automate customer touchpoints. This system is used for customer communications and to manage  the central customer database.

We also integrated the lead forms with One Mortgage System (OMS), a UK based CRM System for Mortgage and Protection Intermediaries. This system allows the Loanable secured loan advisors to find their customers the best deals for their new loan and enter any additional finance data obtained.

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The Solution

Our solution to achieve the objectives for Loanable was to develop two custom API integrations, one for each CRM system.

Each of these CRM systems had to meet specific data input, formatting and security authentication requirements in order to ensure the secure transfer of the customers personal and financial data.

These custom integrations were then linked directly into the custom lead forms so on submission of the form the data was seamlessly passed to each CRM system. This allows for their contact team to quickly contact the new customer.

How has CRM benefited Loanable?

There are three main benefits to this approach for Loanable. The most critical of these is that the data captured from the potential customer is accurate and is stored in a central location. This allows the contact team to quickly handle new leads and ensure a great customer experience for their customers.

This quick handling of new customer data also allows for Loanable to quickly process new leads, send them confirmation emails and SMS messages so a customer knows what to expect when contacted shortly after.

Another important benefit for Loanable is when a customer wishes to use their services to obtain a secured loan, the customer’s data is already available in the OMS CRM system. This saves time and prevents errors when transferring the data from one system to another.

The third benefit with these CRM integrations relates to their marketing and effectively tracking where leads originate. As part of the integration marketing data such as which Google Ad or marketing channel brought the user to the website  is captured. This marketing data is then passed to the CRM allowing Loanable’s marketing team to effectively see which channels have the best ROI and accurately forecast budget and refine their marketing activity.

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