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Why Should You Get Help with Your Content Writing?

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Get Help With Content Marketing

Your website design and functionality is important, but it’s the words on the page that will resonate with your audience and encourage them to get to know your business and ultimately convert. The words on your website are the voice of your brand, how important the content on your website is cannot be overstated. However, it’s not always easy to strike the right chord with your content, it takes skill and experience to create content that will work for your audience. That’s where getting professional help can make a real difference.

At Purple Orbit, we understand the importance of effective website copywriting and content strategy. Here are four key reasons why you should outsource your content creation to our team of experienced writers.

Outsourcing Your Copywriting Can Save Time

Time is a precious commodity for anyone running a business. Trying to juggle content creation alongside keeping your business running can be overwhelming. Outsourcing your copywriting can be a game-changer and really help your business shine online.

Seeking professional copywriting services brings expertise, efficiency, and consistency to your content strategy and more importantly takes the work off your plate. Having an external team that specialises in writing engaging content tailored to your industry and audience will free up so much of your time.

When you outsource content tasks, you can refocus resources on essential business activities like product development, customer service, and strategic planning. Even if you’re adding our service on to an in-house marketing team, taking the actual content creation off your team’s list can free them up to explore other opportunities.

We know that when deadlines loom, it’s internal marketing that often gets put on the back burner because the work you’re doing for your clients takes precedence. You can avoid this traditional content slump when you’re busy by working with an external team to make sure you’re regularly producing good content that keeps you in touch with your audience.

You Can Use Our Writers to Draw on Decades of Experience

Experienced writers bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the table. Their experience across a range of clients and industries gives them a broad perspective on different writing approaches, allowing them to easily adapt their style to meet your business and tone of voice. You won’t have to worry about the content we write for you not blending in with your existing library of content and assets.

We Can Create a Strategy That Will Connect with Your Audience

Content creation is only part of the puzzle. To truly connect with your audience, you need a well thought out content strategy that takes into account creation and distribution.

Our content strategies are created after we have done audience analysis and goal setting so that any work we produce seamlessly ties in with your active marketing channels. Each piece created is designed to work across all channels including email, social media and PR.

When you decide to work with Purple Orbit we’ll create a six or twelve month content plan, based on your needs so you can see exactly when and where we’ll be working to create content for you. You’ll have complete oversight on everything we’ll be producing for you, the purpose it serves and have ready access to status updates so you always know what’s happening.

Avoid Creating Content for the Algorithm and Make Content for Your Users

It’s tempting to create content solely to appease search engine algorithms. However, this approach often leads to shallow, unengaging content that fails to connect with real people. While Google won’t necessarily penalise you for poor content, it definitely won’t reward you. Recently Google has published a second update to the helpful content system to stress this exact point.

Our writers understand that content should speak authentically to real people first and foremost. They are experts in creating content that is useful for your customers but still keeps SEO in mind, so our content will help generate conversions, provide a service for your customers and help your organic presence grow the right way.

Seeking help with your content strategy and creation is a strategic move that always pays off in the long run.
At Purple Orbit, we are dedicated to helping businesses in the North West connect with their target audience and drive conversions through effective website copywriting and content strategy.

Whether you need to save time, leverage decades of writing experience or create a strategy that connects with your audience our team of writers is here to support you.

Don’t let content challenges hold your business back; contact us today.

Wed, 20 September 2023

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