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Giving Debt Support Direct A New Look

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Debt Support Direct - Website Development

Debt Support Direct are there to help those struggling with their debt find a solution, the only problem was the website needed a refresh and they were looking for an engaging way of connecting with their audience to collect relevant user data.

After looking at the website and getting to know what they were looking for and learning more about their marketing processes, we were happy to help.

What We Did

Our first task was to update their existing website with a new clean modern design. Our key objective with this new design was to clearly display the key information to visitors when landing on the homepage and provide simple contact points. 

Debt Support Direct places its advisors at the heart of its business so making it quick and easy to get in touch via phone or form was essential. Using standout contact numbers and simple forms helped us achieve this goal.

While designing the new website we had to ensure that all FCA requirements were met to prevent any issues being caused for the client or users. We made sure that the advice on show was simple to understand and pointed customers in the direction of Money Helper to be compliant with government advice and legal requirements.

As well as making all of these changes to the front of the website, we needed to ensure that the client could use the website exactly as they intended to help their business run smoothly.

Having a clear and simple CMS is invaluable for any team looking to take control of their website and marketing. We provided a simple and easy way for content to be updated by the client, making the process of maintaining their website easier and saving them time,frustration and long term costs. 

We were also tasked with looking into the issues around enquiry validation and lead management. To help with validation we added inline validation on all of the contact forms including the phone and email address fields using the data-8 API. This helped cut down on the amount of spam, invalid inputs or incorrect enquiry information Debt Support Direct had previously received.

Following on from this, we worked to synchronise the leads generated through the website  with the clients’ CRM using a custom API connector. Following this development the website is now directly fed into ‘Debt Support Direct’ marketing systems, helping them save time and maintain smooth processes.

Debt Support Direct prides itself on being helpful and friendly when engaging with its customers. We were tasked with helping the website reflect their attitude towards customer service and support. 

To achieve this we developed a chat based contact form to provide information to the customer while obtaining all required information. This helps streamline internal processes and provide better, faster results for their customers.

This chat feature allows the customer to signpost the help that they need and give Debt Support Direct all the information they need to provide the best possible advice and service.

The Results

After everything was tested and launched we asked for feedback to not only ensure that everything was working with the website but to check that Debt Support Direct was 100% satisfied with the work completed.

We were thrilled to hear the following:

I can’t recommend Purple Orbit highly enough. Joe and his team have made the process from web design to web development a seamless process and I could not be happier with the final outcome.

Purple Orbit will certainly be getting all my future web design & development work. The team also helped me set up my marketing and technical integration to my CRM system, so that new enquiries transferred straight from the website into our CRM system.

10/10 from us.

If you need help with website development or marketing support we’re here to help you achieve your ambitions. Why not contact our team for a free consultation?

Tue, 25 January 2022

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