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There’s More To Technical SEO Than Tags

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Search Engine Optimisation & Content

Search Engine Optimisation has many different elements, this one term can incorporate anything from creative thinking to more technical aspects.

Technical SEO is traditionally the work that you do on a web page to ensure that your website adheres to search engines’ best practices and to make it more likely to be found by your target audience. It’s usually dismissed as being writing a few tags and not that important overall.

However, we believe that it’s a vital part of any digital strategy. There is so much more to the discipline than simply writing meta tags for a website. It includes optimising sitemaps and images, ensuring content is keyword and search topic focused and making sure that your website is clear for users and crawlers to navigate and understand. This is just a fraction of what Technical SEO includes, this is an ever expanding discipline that changes constantly.

By ignoring these other aspects you’re going to limit the success of your organic strategy and miss out on potential organic traffic.

To get the best out of your website and meet your KPI’s, you need to consider all of the different aspects of technical SEO.

Any SEO activity needs to start with an understanding of how search engines work and the signals they look for to decide how to rank websites after a user makes a query.

Without this knowledge and experience you can spend time “optimising” a site, but ultimately see very little return from your efforts.

For example, Google is making changes to its algorithm daily, and with an understanding of what it considers key you can keep focused on your objectives, prepare and react when it’s appropriate. We take pride in staying up to date with the latest developments with search engines to keep our clients informed and their websites adhering to best practices.

While understanding the search engines is important, it’s also key to have a fundamental understanding of websites and how they work and most importantly how your customers interact with your site. This is where the more technical skills come into play. With an understanding of how crawlers interpret websites and content you can prioritise SEO tasks and goals to get the maximum return on your investment while ensuring its relevance for your customers.

Beyond the technical elements of SEO there’s a whole other discipline that can play into organic digital marketing. This is where an understanding of how customers interact with your website can set you apart from your competitors.

Being able to look at a website and find friction points such as confusing navigation, unclear content and low page speed can highlight areas for improvement that will not only improve the user experience but help your website to rank higher. Ultimately this is where organic ROI can see real improvements.

All of these elements are why SEO should be included in any digital marketing strategy and why it’s essential for any website development project.

As your website is being built, SEO should be consulted on site structure, user journey and site speed. This is how you take your website and business to the next level.

We always design and build websites with the end result in mind. We choose secure hosting that helps keep your site running as fast as possible while we continually review your website to make sure it complies with SEO best practices. We can also help you set testing objectives to continually improve your website to make the most of your organic traffic.

Wed, 01 December 2021

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